Growing up in & around my father studios of Owen & Potts, FTP Black & White & FTP Colour I developed my interest retouching & photography.

I was London first digital retoucher at Style on Crossfield 880 Studio system & later Barco system. Before moving North Parsons set up the Crossfield Mamba digital retouch service.

Then moving on to working as freelance photographer within the advertising industry, to now having started my own studio.

Now offer photography in the studio or on location with full retouching with Capture One,  Lightroom & Photoshop.

Today I use my photography skills & creativity to create original looking photos. Both high speed & traditional photography. Using Set A Light 3D to layout the lighting & test the shot before we even get into the studio. Saving costly studio time & allowing you to see what final shoot will look like.

Working on food, product shots, portrait & fashion, architectural, landscape, weddings, street photography & fine art.

Using my skills to create original & exiting new images using high speed photography & traditional techniques to produce your required image.  

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Email:                                     Tel: 07552 572 914